Demolition and recycling

We give nature back to you! 

In its workt he ŠUŠA company comes across different materials that constitute building or industrial waste. Such materials are shipped to recycling centers or are recycled on the spot and a location is filled. After its work is done the company leaves behind a green surface, clean and prepared for a new building...



Target zero safety

All employees of the ŠUŠA Company are devoted to one of the main goals of the company: zero accidents, zero serious injuries, zero incidents and zero environmental pollution.


Construction and recovery of municipal waste landfills

In recent decades in all urban agglomerations and urban areas the disposal of waste materials has become one of the first and most important problems. The modern man creates an increasing amount of waste material and its structure is constantly changing. Systems for municipal waste combustion by plasma torches and other systems are already widely present in the world. These facilities require large investments.
The ŠUŠA Company decided to build landfills outside urban agglomerations in accordance with environmental regulations. The process of recovery begins by planning dumps and even distribution over the surface. Then the compactor and bulldozer compress waste materials to a certain extent. The whole area is covered in foil, clay, inert material (earth). A drainage pipe for the disposal of waste water the landfill creates is then built around it to the designated place. In order to avoid an explosion of compressed gas within the landfill, bio-thorns are placed for a controlled removal of gas.

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