Demolition and recycling

We give nature back to you! 

In its workt he ŠUŠA company comes across different materials that constitute building or industrial waste. Such materials are shipped to recycling centers or are recycled on the spot and a location is filled. After its work is done the company leaves behind a green surface, clean and prepared for a new building...



Target zero safety

All employees of the ŠUŠA Company are devoted to one of the main goals of the company: zero accidents, zero serious injuries, zero incidents and zero environmental pollution.


Construction waste recycling

Demolition is accompanied by the great quantity of waste materials: concrete, stone, steel, wood ... The waste is in its raw state after the demolition and must be transported to the landfill. Costs of depositing waste materials are significant, especially during the demolition of large structures.

The ŠUŠACompany has mastered the technology of recycling, it has all the permits for the recycling of construction waste and it recycles construction waste at its clients’ request. This important treatment process consists of:

  • classification of material by its composition
  • cutting of re bars and crushing of concrete, stone and other solid materials.

After crushing, the materials (concrete, stone ...) are graded by size and transported to their own construction sites or delivered to customers. The use of this material is very broad. It is used as a base before concrete pouring, during the construction of roads, various plateaus ... Material processed in such way is delivered at a price much lower than the price conventional natural materials. Recycling of construction materials helps preservation of nature and the environment.

Employees of the ŠUŠA Company have a high degree of awareness about the protection and preservation of the environment. Strengthening and raising awareness about the protection and preservation of the environment in full-time employees and business partners alike is an ongoing process on which the company insists.

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