Demolition and recycling

We give nature back to you! 

In its workt he ŠUŠA company comes across different materials that constitute building or industrial waste. Such materials are shipped to recycling centers or are recycled on the spot and a location is filled. After its work is done the company leaves behind a green surface, clean and prepared for a new building...



Target zero safety

All employees of the ŠUŠA Company are devoted to one of the main goals of the company: zero accidents, zero serious injuries, zero incidents and zero environmental pollution.



Transportation of bulky cargo

At each construction site logistical support is crucial for the successful execution of works within the agreed deadlines. The company provides transportation services of heavy cargo, both bulky and oversized (construction machinery and other equipment, containers, etc.) in their own trucks and attachments.


Transport za sopstvene potrebe.jpgTransport gabaritnih terera.jpgMercedes 2635.JPG

Transportation of oversized cargo

In its fleet the ŠUŠA Company has so called low-loading trailers, capacity from 2 to 65 t, so the offer covers transportation of the machinery of all sizes. In addition to transportation, we organize all the necessary arrangements for the safe and secure transportation (permits for oversized cargo transportation and all other required documents), and provide a vehicle to escort oversized transportation. Employed staff consists of professional drivers with many years of experience.


05_specijalni transport 1.jpg05_specijalni transport 2.jpg05_transport gradjevinske mehanizacije.jpg05_vanredni prevoz 1.jpg05_vanredni prevoz 2.jpgKonvoj prilikom transporta.jpgPratnja pod rotacijom.jpgPratnja specijalnog tereta.jpgSpecijalni transport i pratnja.jpgTegljac i prikolica.jpgTransport bagera.jpgTransport bagera 1.jpgTransport bagera 2.jpgTransport teske mehanizacije.jpgVezivanje tereta.jpgVozilo za specijalni transport.jpg